Sandstorm™ media filters

Irrigation protection from the world’s leading experts in irrigation

Gravel Filters

Maximize your irrigation system performance for long-lasting protection against harsh water conditions.

Netafim’s Sandstorm line of high-performance media filters are built to provide superior protection for your irrigation system and crop in even the harshest of water conditions.

Sandstorm provides growers with Protection, Productivity and Peace of Mind.


  • Superior protection against clogging
  • Industry leading warranty period
  • High corrosion and UV protection – the Sandstorm filters undergo a treatment process that includes: sand blasting and special double-layers coating process that ensure industry leading high corrosion and UV protection for many years
  • Flexibility 
    • wide range of diameters and configuration addressing all farmer needs
    • modular manifolds for simple and flexible assembly and expansion 
    • Ease of maintenance due to large access ports


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